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A fully automatic powder coating plant with 9 tank pre-treatment system to manufacture products like washing machine, refrigerator, Air conditioners, Microwaves, CPUs, DVDs etc…

  • Having a Oil Skimmer System with 75 Ipm, 2900 Ipm 50/32 suc/del
  • Pump capacity 0.74 kw, 1450 rpm
  • Having a Fume Extraction System with 12500 m3/hr, capacity
  • Blower capacity 3.73 kw, 1440 rpm with 4 pole flange mounted motor
  • Having an Air Agitation System with agitation blower 115 m3/hr capacity and 1.5 kw, 1440 rpm
  • Having Dosing Pump with single phase and double phase capacity
Automatic Powder Coating Automatic Powder Coating